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Employee Assistance Programs

Super Charge Your Organisations Performance. Improve Employee Wellbeing. Expert EAP Counselling Services. 

Our range of organisational services support you and your team reach their optimal performance. From Employee Assistance programs to personality profiling we help individuals, teams and organisations get the best out of themselves.

We've developed scientifically backed approaches to guide organisations to choose the right hire, ensure optimal position-person fit and inform a person's progression through the company. 

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Employee Counseling Services

Not All Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Programs Are Created Equal. Why?

Employee Assistant Programs (EAP) primarily concentrate on counselling. Peak Performance Psychology Services broaden our approach. Providing employees with learning and diagnostic resources to educate and support staff 24/7

What sets 'Peak Performance Psychology Services' apart?

Peak Performance Psychology (by The Anna Centre) offers a comprehensive range of psychological services aimed at helping employers promote mental health awareness and management among their staff, resulting in the creation of mentally healthy workplaces that prioritize employee well-being. These positive work environments enhance positivity, productivity, and overall employee performance, making them more appealing to top talent and driving improved financial outcomes.

This investment not only yields a higher return on investment but also nurtures a content and long-lasting workforce. Recognizing that employees are a company's most valuable asset, fostering a mentally healthy workplace is a strategic investment with significant rewards.

As one of Australia's leading EAP providers, we offer remote access to real psychologists and EAP counseling, available on-demand. Employers who partner with us provide their employees with a secure and private means to connect with Qualified Psychologists and EAPAA Registered Counselors through voice or video calls. Our EAP wellness support portal includes educational self-help resources that employees can access confidentially and anonymously at any time. Furthermore, we offer screening programs to help employers assess the suitability of their employees for their positions, along with a comprehensive mental health awareness information sessions.


Mental Health Awareness

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How does our EAP system work?

Unlock your employees' full potential with our Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Our EAP programs, powered by a distinctive and proprietary system, have already delivered remarkable results for some of Australia's largest and most renowned organizations. Now, you can experience the same benefits.

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