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Wellbeing Blog: Insights from Our Psychology Experts

At The Anna Centre, our psychology experts share their wisdom to empower you on your journey towards improved mental health and overall wellbeing.

Telehealth Appointments Available.

The Anna Centre has 81 telehealth appointments with Psychologists available over the next 2 weeks as at 24/05/2023. 

It is recommended to encourage patients to consider and avail of telehealth as a viable option to access mental health services. Telehealth can provide increased access to care, flexibility, and convenience.

Telehealth appointments offer the convenience of receiving mental health services from the comfort of your patient's own home. Your patient can save time and money on transportation, and have more flexibility in scheduling. Research suggests that telehealth sessions can be just as effective as face-toface sessions in treating a variety of mental health issues. We understand that some people may prefer face-to-face sessions for the in-person connection, however, there are currently extended waiting times across the industry for these types of services. Overall, telehealth can be a great option for those who need mental health services but may have barriers to accessing in-person care.


Benefits of accessing mental health services sooner:

Accessing mental health services sooner can lead to better outcomes in terms of symptom management, improved quality of life, and overall mental wellness. Early intervention can also prevent more serious mental health conditions from developing, reduce the need for more intensive treatment, and improve the chances of recovery. Moreover, seeking help early can reduce stigma around mental health and encourage others to prioritize their mental wellbeing.

About Us:

Established in 1990 The Anna Centre has grown from an initial sole practitioner to one of Victoria’s largest mental health practices with 20 practitioners located in 5 states currently offering professional services in a diversity of settings.

During the history of The Anna Centre our therapists have helped thousands of clients with the wide range of mental health services we are now able to provide. Our mission is to provide practical, outcome based psychology and counselling services to all our clients. We pride ourselves on excellence of service and focus entirely on providing a personalized, customized service shaped around what is best for the individual.



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