What is an Employee Assistance Program?

An EAP is a program adopted by businesses to support their employees with counseling and wellbeing services. Businesses go into partnership with us to provide their management and team with mental health support, guidance, and advice about approaching difficult conversations or situations, as well as critical incident debriefing should something potentially traumatic or upsetting occur in the workplace. Our EAP counseling sessions are a short-term and confidential service to help employees develop tailored strategies to enhance their well-being – both at work and at home. Counseling can be accessed for a number of reasons including
• Preventative care if a potential problem is identified before it gets out of hand
• Building up resilience and self-esteem
• Support regarding a particular ongoing concern
• Work stress or incidents
• Personal and family-related issues
• Advice or guidance for management on how to approach difficult situations or conversations

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