What if I don’t feel my clinician is the right fit?

That’s OK. It is quite common to not always find your perfect fit the first time, in fact one of the biggest indicators of successful therapy is the therapeutic relationship between you and the clinician. A good relationship is essential to helping clients connect with, remain in and get the most out of counselling sessions. […]

How do you ensure my information is confidential?

The Anna Centre adheres to the Privacy Act, including the collection, use, storage and disclosure of your personal information. We care about your privacy and the information you share in your session is confidential. The only exception to this is if you are at risk of harm to yourself or others, or if it is […]

How many sessions do I need?

After your initial session your clinician will be able to provide you information about how many sessions may be needed. Our Clinicians are experienced in offering both long- and short-term counselling and will develop individual treatment plans based on your needs.

What can I expect at my first appointment?

During your first appointment you will spend some time getting to know your clinician, and them you. Your clinician will cover some ‘house-keeping’ about our practice policies and how we keep your information confidential. They will ask you a number of questions about what has brought you in, what you hope to achieve, what has […]