How does having an EAP help my business?

Having an EAP service benefits your business in many ways. Your employees feel valued and cared about and it encourages a positive culture around mental health in the workplace. Employees who access EAP services have been shown to be better able to deal with personal and professional stressors, have better engagement with work and enhanced […]

Why do you recommend the services be anonymous?

Employees often feel more comfortable to access mental health support services when they know that it will be confidential and anonymous to their employer. Many employees can have reservations about accessing a service that reports back to employers, worrying about the stigma associated with mental health conditions and worrying there may be gossip or negative […]

What are the qualifications of your Mental Health Workers?

The Anna Centre recruits clinicians from a range of different mental health professions to be able to offer flexibility and match support needs accordingly. We employ Counsellors, Social Workers, and Psychologists who are all registered with their relevant professional bodies and must have a current police check and working with children check. By employing a […]

What does your EAP service offer?

The Anna Centre’s EAP service offers a number of different avenues of support including • Individual Counselling with priority access to appointments • We only charge for what you use, no monthly retainer fees • An Employee Portal with mental health resources • Critical Incident Debriefing • Mental Health Presentations and workshops Within these support […]

What is an Employee Assistance Program?

An EAP is a program adopted by businesses to support their employees with counseling and wellbeing services. Businesses go into partnership with us to provide their management and team with mental health support, guidance, and advice about approaching difficult conversations or situations, as well as critical incident debriefing should something potentially traumatic or upsetting occur […]