What benefit does my employer get from providing free EAP services to employees?

Employees are an organisations greatest asset; it is recognised that to be successful organisations must be committed to their people and support them. Research has proven that work performance, productivity and organisational success reflects the support given from the organisation to the employee. Employees who receive between 3-8 sessions of counselling report significant improvement in […]

Will my employer know I am attending?

Each employer has an individual contract with The Anna Centre for EAP services. As per our recommendation, most employers have opted for EAP services to be anonymous, therefore no identifying information is provided to your employer. In some rare cases Employers have requested employee name or initial on the invoices to the company for finance […]

What happens in the first EAP appointment?

Your first appointment with one of our mental health professionals will involve 5-10 minutes of the clinician explaining consent, ethical obligations and their relevant professional background, they will then gather your history and information and will be guided by you on what has prompted you to book in for an EAP session. Sessions last between […]

What is counselling and what does it involve?

Counselling is when an individual meets with a trained professional to talk about issues and difficulties they are facing in their lives, in a confidential and non-judgemental way. The aim of counselling is to improve individual well-being. Our mental health professionals will assist you to talk about and explore the issue, and develop strategies to […]

How do I book in?

To book in an appointment you can call our friendly administration team on 03 5442 5066. – Please let administration know where you work and that you’d like to utilise the EAP. – Admin will let you know the number of sessions you are entitled to and offer the earliest available appointment to you (usually […]

Who can access the EAP sessions?

This can vary depending on the individual contract arrangements your employer has opted for. In most cases, Individual counseling sessions for Full Time, Part Time, and Casual employees are covered, as well as family members. To find out please speak with your HR department or call The Anna Centre and speak with our friendly receptionist […]