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Telehealth Video Appointments

If the past couple of years has taught us anything it’s that many of the things we’d usually do face-to-face, can in fact be delivered remotely. Telehealth, or put more simply, receiving health services such as psychological treatment via video conference, has become a very popular and flexible alternative to in-person delivery.

Why use telehealth video?

To begin with, people are loving the fact that they can see a mental health professional much sooner via telehealth video. Have you seen the waitlist to see a psychologist or other mental health practitioner in person lately? Some of the waitlists at clinics are 3, 4 or 5 months long.
It can be frustrating and disheartening to feel like you’re finally making a step towards feeling better, to then be told you’ll have to wait that long. Therefore, Telehealth video is the answer. Via video you could potentially see a practitioner in approximately 1-2 weeks, or even earlier.

Not only that, despite not being in the room together, video sessions are just as effective as face-to-face sessions. Plus, you can attend your appointment in the comfort of your own house, your car, pretty much wherever that suits you. You could even be relaxing on the couch with a cuppa, whilst attending your appointment.

Our telehealth software is extremely safe and secure, using industry standard safety, so you don’t have to worry about your confidentiality being at risk. All you need is the internet and a smart phone or a computer with a camera.

In this video, Daniel talks about the simplicity and benefit of using video for your consultations.

If you’d like to skip the long wait and book in to see one of our clinicians here at The Anna Centre via telehealth video, via our safe and secure telehealth software. You can reach us by calling us on (03) 5442 5066 or emailing us at
Please be advised that The Anna Centre is not a crisis or emergency support service. In times of crisis please call Bendigo Health Psychiatric Triage on 1300 363 788 or your local psychiatric triage.

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