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Most people don’t understand stress, and therefore they can’t manage it properly. We all need something in our lives to get us moving, but sometimes we can have too much stimulation. Being overloaded with work and responsibility, conflicts and meeting deadlines are the most common causes of stress. Many people are surprised to find that stress can also come from having too little stimulation. People in monotonous, boring, repetitive jobs, with little control over what they do or how they do it, such as production-line workers or some housewives often show all the signs of too much stress.

These are tiredness, anxiety, frazzled nerves, impatience, boredom, tension, getting upset easily, and often include physical symptoms such as headaches, tense muscles, heartburn, back pain, colds, and heart racing. People under stress may forget things, miss appointments, space out and have accidents. They often find it difficult to maintain relationships. They may withdraw, lose their sense of humour, lash out, mistrust and have sexual problems. They can feel empty and cynical, and are easily discouraged. To cope, people find themselves taking sleeping pills, laxatives, aspirin, or antacid, smoking and drinking more, or using non-prescription drugs. Most people don’t realise that they are stressed. Stress leaves us susceptible to heart attacks, stroke, diabetes and stomach ulcers.

If you are experiencing stress problems yourself, or if you are concerned about a family member or friend, we can help. At The Anna Centre we have many years of experience in helping people cope with stress. We will help you to gain insight into where your stress comes from, and how it affects you. We will show you some more appropriate ways of coping with your problems, and help you develop a personal action plan. We will also help you discover your inner sources of strength and what works for you. You can build resilience against the daily grind and learn to feel better about yourself.

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