Executive & Organisational Services

We are a specialist corporate psychology firm offering a range of organisational specific services. Our national network of qualified psychologists allows us to deliver our services to companies, non-profits and government departments of all sizes across Australia.

Our organisational counselling and psychology services include, but are not limited to:

  • Organisational Suitability Screening & Recruitment Consulting: Assisting the recruitment process of an organisation and the screening of potential candidates through our trademarked screening system.  
  • Psychometric testing and Employee Profiling: Improving the company’s performance through thorough testing and profiling of each employee to guide management through increasing productivity through employee output.
  • Training needs analysis: Conducting a review of the organisation’s and employees’ training requirements to improve organisational performance.
  • Workshops, Training & Staff Development: An array of mental health and mindfulness workshops, training and specific employee development courses. 
  • Employee Assistance Programs: Designated counselling services to an organisations staff. These are delivered in a number of ways to ensure ultimate flexibility for our client and their employees.
  • Manager Assistance and Coaching: Working one-on-one with managers and executives to improve EQ, management techniques and staff management to improve overall performance.
  • Onsite and Critical Incident Debriefing for groups or Individuals: Psychological support to employees during extreme circumstances including organisational downsizing and restructuring.

For a full list of our organisational psychology services please contact the practice at admin@annacentre.com.au.