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Relationship Counselling

We all learnt nursery rhymes as kids. Some nursery rhymes stay with us throughout life. We only need a certain prompting and we find ourselves repeating nursery rhymes. The same could be said for music and songs that we listened to when we were younger. When the music plays we replay some of the feelings and experiences that were a part of our lives at the time. When words and music play, we remember…

Relationships are like that too. Our lives are a storehouse of memories of feelings and experiences connected to people in the past and in the present. Some of the “themes” that play and bring back unwanted feelings and experiences are … relationship breakdown … abandonment … abuse … rejection… unresolved conflicts … communication problems … sexual problems … on-going anger … powerlessness. We all live in relationships: some of them are close; some of them are at a distance; some give us pleasure; some give us pain.

If you feel stuck, and some of the “themes” mentioned already cause you distress, then help is available. If you are experiencing problems yourself, or if you are concerned about a family member or friend, we can help as we offer family counselling services in Bendigo. The staff at The Anna Centre are warm, friendly people, and have many years of experience in helping people with their relationships. Many people believe that their relationship pain is a very private matter and find it difficult to talk to anyone about the relationship scars they carry inside. Others, particularly males, believe that revealing their secret pain will make them feel vulnerable. Men often fear vulnerability more than anything else in life. We offer a private setting for talking about your relationships, in an atmosphere of respect and integrity. We understand your painful feelings and experiences, and will show you that there is hope for a brighter future.

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