Career Change Checklist:

Read through the statements below and note which of them apply:

It’s time to switch careers because………

  • I want to spend my days doing a job I love
  • I’m passionate about a hobby/interest/cause and am keen to pursue it further
  • I’m ready for a new challenge and eager to learn new skills
  • I believe a new outlook and career will make me happier
  • I feel my health and well-being will benefit from a change

It’s not quite time to take the plunge because…….

  • I’m still undecided about what’s the right job for me
  • I’m unable to find the time or money to retrain or look for a new job
  • The numbers don’t add up and I can’t afford a salary drop
  • I’m not sure that I want to start again in a less senior role
  • The fear of the unknown puts me in panic

Based on the statements you noted that apply to you, is it time to switch your job?