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Do you suffer from: Trouble falling asleep? Waking up frequently during the night? Waking up and having trouble going back to sleep? Trouble sleeping well without medication? Excessive thinking or worrying in bed? Worrying about “not sleeping”? Light sleep, poor quality sleep, non-restorative sleep? Irregular or erratic sleep? Insomnia associated with chronic pain?

It is not unusual to have a sleep problem. One person in three suffers from sleep problems in any given year. Many people who suffer from insomnia start to sleep poorly for some understandable reason.

For example, you may have started to sleep poorly because a baby or child kept you awake at night, or because of a car accident, divorce, death of a loved one, some other trauma or life event, or simply an accumulation of stresses, arguments or worries at work or at home. Then the understandable reason passes, yet the bad sleep continues as a habit, sometimes for many years. Once you begin to sleep poorly, you lose confidence in your ability to sleep well. You may begin to fear going to bed. You may begin to worry about not sleeping. Life becomes more difficult when you do not get enough sleep.

If you are experiencing sleeping problems yourself, or if you are concerned about a family member or friend, we can help.The Anna Centre, have warm, friendly staff who are able to help people with sleeping problems. They will help you to gain insight into how the pattern of not sleeping has come about, and will show you how to get back to sleeping normally. There is nothing subliminal, no hypnosis, and no drugs. You can choose the solutions that work for you. If you are currently taking medication to sleep, they will show you how to reduce your need for it, and even cut it out altogether.

If you believe that you are sleeping badly because you are currently going through a crisis in your life, you may wish to get some help with these issues too. The best sleep you have ever had in your life could be just around the corner.

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