Late Cancellations and Did Not Attends

The practice has a policy regarding late cancellations and did not attend appointments where fees apply if sufficient notice is not provided. Please refer to our full policy “Did Not Attend / Late Cancellations Policy” for the details of our policy.

Coronavirus (Covid 19)

In the wake of community concerns around Covid-19 we’re keen to support you to feel confident to maintain your focus on your mental health and continue to access the support you’re used to receiving from us. We are committed to ensuring our team are healthy when they are at work. We are equally committed to […]


It is normal to feel anxious about some things in life, such as exams, job prospects, paying bills, ill health and other things. Anxiety in many situations is helpful. It prompts us to prepare and plan carefully. However, if a person feels extremely anxious in everyday situations, such as going shopping, or riding on a […]


  Feeling down or sad? Tearful or crying a lot? Irritable or jumpy? Unmotivated – finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning? Losing interest in social activities? Not enjoying fun activities like you used to? Losing interest in sex? Not responding to praise or rewards? Very tired, with no energy? Having […]