Most people don’t understand stress, and therefore they can’t manage it properly. We all need something in our lives to get us moving, but sometimes we can have too much stimulation. Being overloaded with work and responsibility, conflicts and meeting deadlines are the most common causes of stress. Many people are surprised to find that […]


We all learnt nursery rhymes as kids. Some nursery rhymes stay with us throughout life. We only need a certain prompting and we find ourselves repeating nursery rhymes. The same could be said for music and songs that we listened to when we were younger. When the music plays we replay some of the feelings […]


Loss comes in many forms. It might be the death of someone you love, a best friend moving away, losing your job, having your car badly damaged, your marriage breaking down, losing your house, or even realising that something you were looking forward to just won’t happen. Everyone feels their loss in a different way, […]


Do you suffer from: Trouble falling asleep? Waking up frequently during the night? Waking up and having trouble going back to sleep? Trouble sleeping well without medication? Excessive thinking or worrying in bed? Worrying about “not sleeping”? Light sleep, poor quality sleep, non-restorative sleep? Irregular or erratic sleep? Insomnia associated with chronic pain? It is […]


Injury may happen at work or as the result of a car accident. It suddenly makes you aware that the world is not a safe place, and you think twice about the normal routines of your everyday life. Injury leads to losses in many areas. It drains your finances, interrupts your lifestyle, and puts strains […]


Guilt can be a very useful emotion. It is an internal mechanism for controlling our own behaviour. When we do, think or feel something that is inconsistent with our values, feelings of guilt can motivate us to change in some way. For example, you may have a heated argument with a loved one, and say […]

Eating Disorders

Anorexia nervosa is the loss of desire for food. Anorexics may become hungry, but the thought of food is repugnant. Gradually the person becomes emaciated and may finally die…. unless they get help. Both males and females suffer from this disorder, but the majority are women. It generally affects girls of upper-middle class families between […]

Did Not Attend / Late Cancellation Fee Policy

Did Not Attend’ (DNA) is when the client does not turn up for the appointment and does not contact the practice in advance to cancel/change appointment. ‘Late Cancellations” are when the patient contacts the practice later than 12.00 midday on the business day prior to the scheduled appointment to cancel/change their appointment. Wasted appointments are […]

Welcome Daniel

We welcome Daniel Ellwood to the practice. Daniel is a recent psychology honours graduate (first class honours) with a working background in NDIS support coordination, and management assisting those with disabilities as well as their support carers. Daniel has extensive knowledge of local support services and has developed strong professional networks in Bendigo and regional […]