The Anna Centre is proud to provide tailored Employee Assistance Program services for many businesses across Victoria. Our EAP services assist businesses like yours to achieve their goals of supporting employees resulting in an engaged, present and productive workforce that is equipped to deal with emotional and stress-related issues. The benefits for businesses committed to supporting their employees through EAP include reduced absenteeism and enhanced productivity within the workplace.

Employee Assistance Program - Employers

To enquire about or set up an EAP with The Anna Centre please email or call on 5442 5066. Our office manager will arrange an EAP proposal document for your company to consider which will include customisable variables to suit the service to your business needs.
After a chat about your business and the service you are looking for, we will provide you with a contract to move forward with the EAP arrangement and we will be able to start providing priority EAP services for your employees immediately.

Having an EAP service benefits your business in many ways. Your employees feel valued and cared about and it encourages a positive culture around mental health in the workplace. Employees who access EAP services have been shown to be better able to deal with personal and professional stressors, have better engagement with work and enhanced productivity.

The Anna Centre recruits clinicians from a range of different mental health professions to be able to offer flexibility and match support needs accordingly. We employ Counsellors, Social Workers, and Psychologists who are all registered with their relevant professional bodies and must have a current police check and working with children check. By employing a broad range of clinicians with different experiences and backgrounds we are able to cater to a range of different presentations and book clients in with the most suitable clinician available.

The Anna Centre’s EAP service offers a number of different avenues of support including
• Individual Counselling with priority access to appointments
• We only charge for what you use, no monthly retainer fees
• An Employee Portal with mental health resources
• Critical Incident Debriefing
• Mental Health Presentations and workshops
Within these support options, we offer flexibility to choose a time and location that works for you whether that be via phone, video, face to face, or on-site for critical incidents and training.

An EAP is a program adopted by businesses to support their employees with counseling and wellbeing services. Businesses go into partnership with us to provide their management and team with mental health support, guidance, and advice about approaching difficult conversations or situations, as well as critical incident debriefing should something potentially traumatic or upsetting occur in the workplace. Our EAP counseling sessions are a short-term and confidential service to help employees develop tailored strategies to enhance their well-being – both at work and at home. Counseling can be accessed for a number of reasons including
• Preventative care if a potential problem is identified before it gets out of hand
• Building up resilience and self-esteem
• Support regarding a particular ongoing concern
• Work stress or incidents
• Personal and family-related issues
• Advice or guidance for management on how to approach difficult situations or conversations

Employees often feel more comfortable to access mental health support services when they know that it will be confidential and anonymous to their employer. Many employees can have reservations about accessing a service that reports back to employers, worrying about the stigma associated with mental health conditions and worrying there may be gossip or negative connotations from accessing counselling. In order for companies to gain the benefits of offering an EAP, employees need to be able to freely access the service, and EAP tends to have better participation rates if employees know the service is private.