With an eligible referral, Medicare will rebate up to 50% of your appointment cost. Our friendly administrative staff will process your rebate through to Medicare on the day. If you have a registered bank account with Medicare, Medicare will deposit your rebated amount into your account within 24 hours. If you don’t have an account set up with Medicare, they will send you a letter. You can check if you have a bank account registered by logging in on the MyGov Medicare page.

Mental Health Treatment Plans

A MHTP makes you eligible for rebates back from Medicare for 20 sessions per calendar year. You cannot get rebates for the sessions all in one go.

We all experience challenging emotional and psychological issues at different times that we can sometimes need some help with. A MHTP is a plan created by your doctor to help address these issues. The plan will identify what type of healthcare you need and the goals to achieve this. The doctor may make a referral for you to see a mental health specialist.