Practice Information

We offer face to face, telephone and video consultations.

We generally have appointments available within 2 weeks. Longer waiting times may occur when there are specific requirements such as seeing a Clinical Psychologist, however our waiting list can provide earlier appointments following cancellations.

Fees and Rebates

We do not offer bulk billed appointments, however for those struggling financially we may be able to accommodate a lower fee on a case-by-case basis.

Our administrative staff will take your payment before your appointment. Depending on your funding and/or referral type they will either send your invoice to your third-party payer for payment, or for Private and Medicare appointments they will take your payment of Cash or Eftpos and if applicable, process your rebate with Medicare on your behalf.

With an eligible referral, Medicare will rebate up to 50% of your appointment cost. Our friendly administrative staff will process your rebate through to Medicare on the day. If you have a registered bank account with Medicare, Medicare will deposit your rebated amount into your account within 24 hours. If you don’t have an account set up with Medicare, they will send you a letter. You can check if you have a bank account registered by logging in on the MyGov Medicare page.

Private fees:
– $175 with a Psychologist
– $165 with a Social worker
– $90 with a Provisional Clinician
– $210 Couples Counselling

MHCP Medicare rebated sessions:
– $215 with a Clinical Psychologist ($128.40 rebate)
– $175 with a General Psychologist ($87.45 rebate)
– $165 with a Social Worker ($77.10 rebate)

*Please contact administration if you would like to know about the fees and rebates for any other services


The Anna Centre adheres to the Privacy Act, including the collection, use, storage and disclosure of your personal information. We care about your privacy and the information you share in your session is confidential. The only exception to this is if you are at risk of harm to yourself or others, or if it is court-mandated. If either of these situations occur, they will be discussed with you.

An appointment with one of our clinicians goes for 50 minutes.

After your initial session your clinician will be able to provide you information about how many sessions may be needed. Our Clinicians are experienced in offering both long- and short-term counselling and will develop individual treatment plans based on your needs.

You are welcome to stay either in the appointment or in the waiting room. This will be up to what your child and you feel most comfortable with and what will be most valuable for your child.

During your first appointment you will spend some time getting to know your clinician, and them you. Your clinician will cover some ‘house-keeping’ about our practice policies and how we keep your information confidential. They will ask you a number of questions about what has brought you in, what you hope to achieve, what has and hasn’t worked in the past and gather some background information. Your first appointment is also a great time to ask your clinician some questions about themselves, their experience and style to make sure they’re a good fit for you.

That’s OK. It is quite common to not always find your perfect fit the first time, in fact one of the biggest indicators of successful therapy is the therapeutic relationship between you and the clinician. A good relationship is essential to helping clients connect with, remain in and get the most out of counselling sessions. We want you to feel understood, comfortable and safe during your appointments. You can speak with administration and they can book you in with another suitable clinician, or if you feel comfortable doing so you can even speak with your clinician about transferring you to someone else. Clinicians understand their style or personality won’t work for everyone and will be more than happy to assist in finding you a good fit with one of our other clinicians.

Mental Health Treatment Plans

Book in a long consultation with your regular GP who will assess your eligibility for a MHTP. The GP will ask you a few questions to understand your situation.

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A MHTP makes you eligible for rebates back from Medicare for 20 sessions per calendar year. You cannot get rebates for the sessions all in one go.

We all experience challenging emotional and psychological issues at different times that we can sometimes need some help with. A MHTP is a plan created by your doctor to help address these issues. The plan will identify what type of healthcare you need and the goals to achieve this. The doctor may make a referral for you to see a mental health specialist.