Did Not Attend / Late Cancellation Fee Policy

Please note that as of 1 April 2022 changes to this policy will come into effect. The changes are highlighted below.

Did Not Attend’ (DNA) is when the client does not turn up for the appointment and does not contact the practice in advance to cancel/change an appointment. ‘Late Cancellations” are when the patient contacts the practice later than 12.00 midday on the business day prior to the scheduled appointment to cancel/change their appointment.

Wasted appointments are a huge problem for the clinic, clients and practitioners. The issue of Did Not Attends (DNAs) and Late Cancellations is a continued frustration for both patients waiting to get an appointment with their practitioner and for those working in the Practice.

The effect of DNAs and Late cancellations is:

• The vacant appointment slot could have been used by another client which increases the waiting time for appointments.

• Clients needing care not being able to see their practitioner in a timely manner.

• The time and personnel required to follow-up and rebook clients diverts practice staff from other duties and is, therefore, a waste of resources.

• A loss of income for the practitioner and the clinic whilst operating costs are maintained.

What we do to try and help:

• If appointments are booked in person we provide appointment cards that act as a reminder of the appointment and has contact details if the appointment needs to be amended/canceled.

• If we have a client’s mobile number a text message will be sent 48 hours prior to their scheduled appointment time. Therefore, it is important to let us know if you have changed your mobile telephone number.

• Offer a variety of appointment types including telephone and evening appointments as well as online / skype consultations to allow clients to be able to arrange a suitable time and method to consult their practitioner.

• Facilitate amending/cancelling appointments which can be done in person, on the phone, and via email.


1. Did Not Attend – If a client fails to attend a pre-booked appointment and does not contact the practice in advance to cancel/change the appointment the full appointment fee will be charged at each instance.

2. Late Cancellation – If a client provides late notice of a cancellation, a fee of $100 + GST will be charged at each instance.

3. 3. The client will be notified of the amount owed at the time of contact and asked to pay over the phone. If they are unable to be contacted the invoice for the DNA/Late Cancellation Fee will be emailed for payment due within 14 days.

4. The client will not be permitted to book another appointment and the DNA/Late Cancellation fee must be paid prior to being able to schedule their next appointment.

5. If a client has 3 DNA’s and/or Late cancellations within a 12-month period, the client’s practitioner and clinic management will discuss and decide whether the client is able to continue to attend the practice. 

Removing clients from practice list due to DNA’s / Late Cancellations:

This decision can only be made if the client had met Policy point 4 and has been discussed at a practice clinical meeting. If the decision is made to remove the client from the practice, the client will be informed via a letter explaining to them the practice decision and advising them to register with an alternative practice. 

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