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Feeling down or sad? Tearful or crying a lot? Irritable or jumpy? Unmotivated – finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning? Losing interest in social activities? Not enjoying fun activities like you used to? Losing interest in sex? Not responding to praise or rewards? Very tired, with no energy? Having difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much? Losing interest in food or overeating? Gaining or losing weight? Functioning less effectively at work or school? Having difficulty concentrating or thinking clearly? Having persistent negative thoughts about yourself and your future? Feeling guilty about past events? Feeling inadequate? Thinking about death or suicide? If you persistently have quite a few of these symptoms, you may be suffering from depression. It is normal to have periods of sadness from time to time, especially when life has dealt some harsh blows, but depression may become a habit if allowed to continue. There are several useful forms of medication available from your doctor. However, medication on its own does not treat the reasons why you became depressed.

Treatment is available for many of the problems which may contribute to depression: physical, sexual or emotional abuse, trauma, relationship difficulties, problems with children, prolonged grief, loss, major life changes, accident or illness. The staff from The Anna Centre are warm, caring professionals who can assist you to resolve the problems that have contributed to your depression and help to rebuild your self-esteem. Don’t let depression become a normal way of life for you.

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