Anxiety Management

Anxiety Management

It is normal to feel anxious about some things in life, such as exams, job prospects, paying bills, ill health and other things. Anxiety in many situations is helpful. It prompts us to prepare and plan carefully.

However, if a person feels extremely anxious in everyday situations, such as going shopping, or riding on a train, it is likely that the anxiety is getting in the way of a normal life. For some people, when they feel anxious, they begin to sweat, their heart beats faster, they can’t breathe properly, they feel like being sick, and think they might faint. They feel a strong urge to escape, break a window, tear off all their clothes, scream and run. They feel as though they are losing control and wild thoughts rush through their minds.

Sometimes they wonder if they are going to have a heart attack, or if they are going mad. This terrifying feeling is known as a panic attack. Some people worry constantly that the stove has been left on, or that the door has been left unlocked, or can’t get it out of their heads that someone has been hurt or killed. These are obsessive thoughts, and are often accompanied by compulsive behaviours, such as constantly checking things. When a person’s life is disrupted by anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, obsessive thoughts or compulsive behaviours, it makes life very difficult for themselves, and for those close to them.

If you are experiencing anxiety problems yourself, or if you are concerned about a family member or friend, we can help. We, at The Anna Centre, have many years of experience in helping people with anxiety. We will show you how to prevent a panic attack. We will teach you how to breathe correctly, how to relax, how to change the way you look at problems in your life, how to deal with nagging thoughts, and many other coping techniques. We will help you choose a way of coping that suits you in your life situation, and we will show you how to feel better about yourself.

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